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Brand Exposure


One of the most valuable aspects of The Marketplace is the exposure you will get with other members. ConnecXit positions your goods or services to be seen by those who need them.


ConnecXit understands the value of a marketplace for the service provider and those who rely on these services. Our team understands that exposure is an absolute must for building your brand. As a community member, you will be exposed to and presented with new opportunities to show the world what your brand is all about.



Customized Promo Page


Customize your microsite to ensure the best presentation of your brand….






The Marketplace facilitates online payments to bring stability and predictability to your vendor payment and receipt process.






Online consumer reviews have become a baseline for new consumers to try out a business or a new product. Member reviews provide a quick look into the application and experience of the business/product and market it to new customers. 


The ConnecXit Event Marketplace has ratings, comments, messaging, etc., to drive brand value and sales.



Data and Analytics


Data is the #1 currency in any industry, and the events industry is no exception. However, it’s still a challenge to collect, read, and understand that data so that it can impact your event or future events.



Profitability projections

Email captures

Event marketing leveraging the global ConnecXit email list. (Probably not the correct place for this)




Event Planners and Promoters

Failing to capture valuable event data can be detrimental. Your event ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the most important ways of measuring success. You need data to calculate your ROI. And it’s not just crucial for you, but current and potential sponsors will also need to see those numbers. Plus, there’s no real way to determine what you can improve in the future without having a clear record of how effective each event was.



Sample ROI

  • Ticket sales (leading up to the event)
  • Attendance / Registration (day of)
  • Number of sales leads generated
  • ROI (return on investment: whether the event made or lost money, and how much)



Vendor Confirmation


In addition to paying your deposits, looping them in on relevant email chains, and confirming your venue set-up times, you should get final confirmation within 48 hours of your event. The ConnecXit Event Marketplace will automate and streamline that process across all the vendors you secure via the platform.




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